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Ring bounce

In this award-winning act, rings are juggled, but here comes an extraordinary twist: Instead of the usual balls, the artist skillfully juggles the rings against the ground. This innovative twist adds a distinctive dynamic to the performance and opens up new dimensions of juggling.

With smooth movements and a unique choreography, the juggler makes the rings float gracefully above the ground. The combination of precision, speed, and grace captivates the audience and creates a captivating atmosphere.

The retro style gives the performance a nostalgic charm. The carefully selected music underscores the performance and transports the spectators to a different time.

This unique juggling performance combines technical skill with artistic aesthetics and promises an unforgettable experience for any audience. With his outstanding talent and this breathtaking performance, he has earned the Special Prize from Cirque Phenix at the renowned circus festival "Cirque de Demain."

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